Image of Mother


$40.00 / On Sale

by Jayne Surrena

18"x24" black and white print.

Edition of 25 signed and numbed by the artist.

Printed to order. Delivery times will vary.

This series of satirical snapshots focus on Americana. They use wit and human curiosity as a way to inspire. The hand-made collages look at society filled with its many vices and everyday interactions and search to find the Achilles heel and tickle it just a bit.

Jayne Surrena is a Philadelphia Artist who has graduated from the University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing and Master of Arts in Teaching the Visual Arts. Jayne began her professional career in 2006.

Jayne’s work appeals to multiple audiences. Jayne has shown with galleries, museums and in art fairs nationally and worldwide. She also works with architects and designers on large-scale projects featuring her imagery. Her work also appears on many websites, blogs, magazines .

Highlights: Gawker, Art Basel Miami, Artist a Day, the Wall breakers, Get Inspired Magazine, Art House Co-op, bit-FUUL Magazine, Philadelphia Stories Magazine, Anthology and Auction, Art Takes Times Square,, HAHA Magazine, Art Newspaper, Art Scene News, boutique hotels, on permanent collection with the Malaysian Museum of Art among others.